31 August 2010

Stellar Om Source - Vision Mix So Source

Stellar Om Source - Vision Mix So Source (via)


Austin Hinkle - Dance Boy Dance (cover) - Unreleased
Aux 88 - Phantom Power- Trance Atlantic (Comp) - Volume
Ada - Kink A Jou - Forty Winks / Kink A Jou - International Records Recordings
BFC- Evolution - Relics - A Transmat Compilation - Buzz
SFV Acid - Track 03 - Cranada self-released cdr
Aril Brikha - Groove La Chord - Deeparture In Time - Transmat
Space Dimension Controller - J2TCOTUS (Kyle Hall's I'm Only Breathing Remix) - Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere - Royal Oak
Drexciya- Aqua Worm Hole - Drexciya 2: Bubble Metropolis - Underground Resistance
The Psychic Stewardess - Detroit - Rainbows Of Darkness- Spiritual Foundation (CDR)
Polartronics - The Deep (Instrumental)- Trance Fusion
Tevo Howard - Move (Acid Mix) - Move - Rushhour
Mystic - House Girl (Acid Mix)- House Girl- Rockin'House
Alex.O.Smith - Kosmos 1402 - Plesetsk Cosmodrome- FXHE Records
Tony Lionni- The Games People Play- The Games People Play EP - Wave Music
Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters - 7AM - True Panther

Christelle Gualdi aka Stellar Om SourceによるMixに驚愕!! もの凄く嫉妬してる!!!





Phantom Power - "What You Said, It Was Perfect"

Phantom Power - "What You Said, It Was Perfect" (via)

Phantom Powerの新しいEP "Chic In Egypt" が待ち遠しいです。

以前のSpacetime EPはコチラ


SIDE A -- "Cruising The Night Away

1. Stretch [intro]
2. Tubing
3. Girl
4. Climbing Sand Dunes
5. Slow Dance Romance
6. Whippy Dip

SIDE B -- "Adventures In Slumberland"
1. Jungle Jam
2. Black Out
3. Sunday Best
4. Televisions
5. Dream Waves
6. Haunting Memories


Secrets "Coverflow"

Youth Sports - "Thief"

<a href="http://youthsports.bandcamp.com/track/thief">Thief by Youth Sports</a>

Alpine - "Icypoles (Star Slinger Remix)"

Alpine - "Heartlove" (mp3)

オーストラリアのAlpineを書こうと思っていたら、Star SlingerがRemixしてました。


Pepepiano - "Babes"

Pepepianoによるelectroとacousticを行き交う4 track-ep "Babes"。

Fiveng - "Jonah"

Beach Tapesの一枚目は、このFivengによる12"になるみたいです。

30 August 2010

The Sweethearts - "Burnin Through The Nite"

I know i got a habit
and i ain't gonna break it
A man's just gotta grab it yeah
and get a little crazy
At night its my obsession
something inside me
I know just what you're thinkin
don't care about a damn thing


I know i wont be sorry
If i'm burning through the nite
Its alright
I'll do it again
You know it wont be easy
If i'm burning through the night
Its alright
We'll do it again

The fire's already started
i've turned into a monster
Attracted to the magic
and girl i'm gonna flaunt ya
You question my direction
say i'm unhappy
But i'd rather burn in heaven
don't wanna get married

Outer Limits Recordings、Youtubeも最高です。

Mathemagic - "Breaststroke"

Grass Widow - Fried Egg

Flight Facilities – Triple J Mixup


01. Aeroplane vs. Flight Facilities vs. Friendly Fires: ‘Crave Paris’ [FF Edit]
02. Jamie Lidell: ‘Telephone’ [Tiga Remix]
03. ???(Calvin Harris) : ‘Freaky Motherfuckers’
04. The Chemical Brothers: ‘Swoon’ [Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix]
05. Foals: ‘Miami’ [Tim Fuchs Remix ft. Flight Facilities]
06. Digikid84: ‘P.A.M.E.L.A’ [Knife Machine Remix]
07. Chaim vs. Flight Facilities vs. Bagraiders: ‘New Years Love’
08. Annie: ‘Songs Remind Me Of You’ [The Swiss & Donnie Sloan Remix]
09. Toni Toni Lee: ‘Feelin Real Good’ [Shazam Remix]
10. Jamtech Foundation: ‘Too Fast’ [Zombie Disco Squad Remix]
11. Siriusmo: ‘Gummiband’
12. Gramophonedzie: ‘Street Lady’
13. Noze: ‘You Have To Dance’ [Mathias Kaden’s Mouthacapellapolka Remix]
14. James Curd: ‘Got To Have’ [Flight Facilities Remix]
15. LCD Soundsystem: ‘I Can Change’

DL Here

Washed Out "Hold Out" VIDEO

Friendly Fires - "Strangelove"

Friendly Fires cover Depeche Mode’s "Strangelove".

Magic Kids- Superball

Yeasayer - "Madder Red"


Houses – "Endless Spring"

Nike7Up "Swallowed Nike7Up The Wave Mix"

2極化が進んでると思われていたBritney SpearsとWhite Ringが
頭の中でひとつのペニスになってる男 (たぶん)、Nike7Upのvideo。
もう既にDisaroとLight LodgeからのReleaseが予定されているということで


BLONDES - Paradise City

24 August 2010

WALLS 'Hang Four'

Albatross "DM167"

D’eon: Cruel New Decade Mix

Chris d’Eonによる "Cruel New Decade Mix" 。ほぼ新曲でしょうか?良いです。
Hippos In TanksからのReleaseも決まっているみたいです。

1. d'Eon - ?
2. d'Eon - ?
3. d'Eon - ?
4. d'Eon - what we want to be
5. d'Eon - ?
6. d'Eon - tear down the wall (edit)
7. d'Eon - ?
8. d'Eon - qiyamah (edit)
9. d'Eon - ?

The Magician "Magic Tape 2"

01. Arcade Fire: ‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’
02. Mark Seven: ‘Sermon’ [Serotonin Edit]
03. Kolombo: ‘Waitin For’
04. Blamma Blamma: ‘Beyond 17′
05. Roman Salzger: ‘Alpha Century’
06. Mark Ronson: ‘Bang Bang Bang’ [U-Tern's Disco Dub]
07. Hannulelauri: ‘Zombie Tropicana’
08. Keane: ‘Clear Skies’ [Villa Dub]
09. Chilly Gonzales: ‘Knight Moves’
10. Bubble Club: ‘Violet Morning Moon’ [Dr. Dunks Remix]

Autre Ne Veut "Soldier"

23 August 2010

sail a whale - love(the-dream)king

Pigeons "The Paradise"

Games – Everything is Working

Gamesは知る人ぞ知るOneohtrix Point Neverというネーミングでも活動している、Joel Fordによる新しい動き。
もちろんWHITE CAR~GATEKEEPER等のUpstairs周辺や、Stellar OM Source~Teen Inc.等のCalifornia界隈の連中と仲が良いハズです。

そんな、Everything Is Working 7″は、中々の良IndieレーベルHippos in Tanksからです。必聴!!!!!!!

Games - "Heartlands" (mp3)

"SPEND THE NIGHT WITH GAMES" Mixtapeもすごくいまの気分に合ってます。メロウです。

U.S.F. "The Spray"

SeattleのJason Baxter, Kyle Hargusからなるデュオ、
U.S.F.の待待望望の新しいAlbum "The Spray"から2曲解禁されました。コレはかなり良いです!!

Grimes "Halfaxa"

Canadaは Montrealで活動する女子、Grimesの2枚目になるのかこれは?Album "Halfaxa"がお馴染みArbutus RecordsからRelease。
Synth PopもよりCosmicへ向かい、Minimal WaveとBjorkが海面下3000mに沈んだ棺の中で出会った


21 August 2010

Young Montana? "Sacré Cool"

Young Montana? "Sacré Cool" (mp3)

Alpha Pup Recordsからの新人、Young Montana?。

Late Of The Pier 'Best In The Class' (Soulwax Remix)

Antony and the Johnsons: "Thank You For Your Love"

Toro y Moi : Low Shoulder

20 August 2010

Chad Valley - "Anything"

Chad Valley - "Anything" (mp3)

似た様なポストが続きますが、J O N Q U I LのHugo ManuelによるSide Project、
CHAD VALLEYの新曲 "Anything" がとても良くて、その the tough allianceを彷彿とさせるメロディーの飛沫に
そのPaul Simonのような口当たりの歌声に、ちょっと心がセンチメンタル過剰してしまったからでしょう。意味がわかりませんね。



Real Estate "Out of Tune"

True Panther Soundsからの2曲の解禁がありました。
こちらはReal Estateの新しい7 inchになる予定の"Out of Tune"。

本当に僕はReal Estateの良さが分かる人間で良かった・・・。
Real Estateは15歳の男の子の夏に必要なものが、全部詰まってるよ・・・

もう1曲は、Cloud Nothingの新曲。



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